Frank and Tariq - Boxing Clever for Cancer Research UK

Frank Burke and Tariq Ajani, supported enthusiastically by an entourage of Clark-Drain colleagues, took part in the recent Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) at the East of England Showground. Boxing clever towards a valuable charity contribution for Cancer UK in front of 1800 people, their individual bouts lasting three rounds, ended in  creditable draws. To support the charity both Frank and Tariq set up Just Giving pages raising £860 between them not to mention additional funds collected on the night. The event is open to complete beginners, male and female, who want to take up white collar boxing to raise money for Cancer Research UK, get fit or simply do something amazing that they will remember forever. To prepare for the bout, training is provided by professional boxing coaches over 8 weeks at local boxing gyms, and pairings matched fairly based on weight, fitness, abiltiy and age. The boxers trained twice a week at the same location, with additional training twice a week at selected locations. UWCB are Cancer Research UK’s biggest fundraisers in the UK.

- Uploaded 13/12/2017