Application: Highways (Carriageway) & Industrial areas
Loading: D400
Lifting Key: CD 552L
BS EN124:1994. BSI Kitemark Certified. HA104/09 (Low & High risk areas) compliant.
Product Features
Cover & Frame Cover and frame is capable of withstanding a 44 tonne test load. Made from high grade ductile iron for optimum strength and durability
Cover & Frame Double-Triangular cover. Solid flange. Ductile iron.
Frame Non-rock three point suspension using oversized cover corners direct the loading stresses for best-case frame and bedding interaction
Frame The shape of the flange has been optimised to increase the area where the load is concentrated
Frame Flared frame helps to transfer dynamic loads around the corners to minimise the stresses on the bedding
Frame The solid flange meets the the minimum 75mm width conforming to BS 7903
Components Product accessories to enhance, protect and increase safety include options for:- Drop in ductile iron low leak plate; Bolt-down steel sealing plate; GRP sealing plate; Safety Grids;Security grills
Material Ductile iron
Finish Black bitumen coating
Lifting Non slip safety key holes compatible with long handle lifting keys and other mechanical lifting devices supports safe manual handling
Suitable for:- Existing, older installations that need replacement covers.The 600mm x 600mm clear opening incorporates a frame design to accommodate imperial 24’’x 24’’ pit sizes
Suitable for:- Highways (Carriageway) & Industrial areas
External Dimensions: 847 (L) x 847 (W) x 100 (H)
Clear Opening: 600 (L) x 600 (W) x 100 (H)
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